Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose? By Denis Alexander


Creation or Evolution helps you make sense of the complex common ground between the biblical doctrine of creation and the scientific evidence behind the theory of evolutionary. With the guidance of neuroscience Denis Alexander – a passionate believer in both the Bible and science, you can build a fully integrated understanding of the tricky questions that have divided so many for too long.

This book combines the latest genetic research with an exploration of what we mean by creation and evolution to overcome the common scientific and religious objections to each. He addresses the argument that evolution is atheistic and discovers who Adam and Eve really were.

An enthusiast for both the biblical and scientific contributions to our understanding of God and creation, he shows how the concept of The Fall be reconciled with evolutionary theory. Finally he asks the big question: how could a God of love create a world where people kill each other and inflict so much suffering?

Read Creation or Evolution and you will discover that maybe you don’t have to choose. And you will have the arguments and responses to help others overcome their objections to biblical faith without abandoning the scientific facts.

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Take hold of the most recent scientific and theological developments and respond convincingly to this key question of faith. ISBN: 9780857215789

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