About Us

The one stop shop for all your ecumenical needs, we’ve been in existence for over 30 years and we have owned it for 20 years, offering a wide range of Christian books, music, assorted gifts and other items.

For those seeking a Christian bookstore to cater for all their spiritual needs, we invite you to browse, or simply enquire about any of our goods and services.

The shop (owned by God) is ecunemical, and has been managed by David and Susan Tibbs for 12 years. Alongside 3 part-time members of staff, we aim to provide a friendly and welcoming service that aims to provide a pleasing range of Christian books, music, church supplies and much more.

Your local ecunemical Christian shop caters for all your needs:

  • A range of Christian books, bibles, prayer and study books
  • A Christian music store also, we have a range of CDs and DVDs in stock
  • A range of Church supplies, which include clerical shirts, incense, Communion wine and much more
  • An ecunemical store, we provide a friendly service, and are always happy to arrange personal orders
  •  An array of Christian cards to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, first Holy Communion, baptism and many other Christian occasions.